The Last Bookstore now buys, sells, and trades tons of vinyl records during regular business hours. The record buyer is at the store Wednesday, 12pm-6pm and Sunday, 12pm-6pm.  Stay up-to-date with the goings-on at the record shop via the Last Bookstore Facebook page.

If you have records to sell please email our record buyer with a brief description and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are we looking for?

LP’s, 45′s, 12″s & 78′s from the 1950′s to now. We buy rock & roll, soul, r&b, jazz, blues, disco, reggae, folk, pop, psych, punk, experimental, metal, noise, hip hop, dance 12″, spoken word, comedy, gospel, ethnic folk, international, children’s, soundtracks, country, some classical, etc etc etc.

What we are not looking for?

We will always take a look at what you have to sell if you bring it into the store. Most albums have to be in nice condition, although we make exceptions for unique & collectible items. Note that we are far more forgiving with condition when it comes to certain types of 45rpm singles.  Please email with details on what you have, or bring it by the store Wednesday or Sunday between noon and 6.

How much do we pay?

Like our book buying, it ranges anywhere from 25 cents to hundreds of dollars. We pay 10-50% of what we can sell an item for (based on how many copies we may already have, the internet value, etc.) For common records that we can use, it ranges from $1 to $3. Collectible and higher priced records are based on their value. We take great pride in knowing the value of the records we buy and we pay accordingly.

Dealers, collectors, deejays, and anyone with records to sell: give us a shot, and you won’t want to sell anywhere else again!

We make house calls for large collections.
Please email us!