Warning Call with Danny Bell

7:30 p.m.


The second book in the series The Black Pages is here, and The Last Bookstore is pleased to present USA Today best-selling author Danny Bell and his book, Warning Call. Join us as Danny will be on hand to provide Q&A about the series and sign copies of the book. The Black Pages follows Elana Black, a young woman with social anxiety and an avid reader who happens to have the power to make herself fictional. But when she discovers that fiction is not what we think it is, and the worlds she enters are every bit as real as our own, she decides that her new mission is to save all of the nameless characters who tend to die for the sake of advancing the plot. Of course, Elana isn’t the only one with her powers, and not everyone wants to see the stories change.

Let us know you’re coming.

An unbeatable mythological horror has its sights set on Elana, and that’s not the worst of her problems. Gods want to use her, shadowy agents want to eliminate her, and a powerful sorcerer wants to kill her; all as she rushes to stop an event which portends the death of her best friend. It’s all catching up with her, and just in time for Christmas. Elana is going to have to figure out how all of it is connected but she’s in over her head, outnumbered, and running out of time.

And she always thought magic would make her life easier.

Elana Black. Saving the day even if she has to tear a hole in the universe to do it.



Warning Call is Vol. 2 of Danny Bell’s award-winning, best-selling series, The Black Pages and is the follow up to Vol. 1 of the series, Empty Threat.





Please note that our store has limited capacity (a mere 300!), so get here early.

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