Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love – Jane Sobel Klonsky in convo with Gator McKinley

7:30 p.m.


Join photographer Jane Sobel Klonsky, author of Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love at The Last Bookstore for a conversation with Gator McKinley and book signing. Unconditional is a collection of photos and stories celebrating the bonds between people and their senior dogs.

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Since 2012, photographer Jane Sobel Klonsky has traveled the United States with one mission: to capture images and stories that focus on the powerful relationship between dogs in the twilight of their lives and the people who love them. The dogs photographed for the book include senior rescues with their adopters, service dogs with those they assist and guide, working dogs with their handlers, and lifelong cherished family pets with the people who dote on them. A book for any dog lover who appreciates the connection, unconditional love, and bond that can only be provided by a canine companion.




Jane Sobel Klonsky launched her photography career in 1976 as the first photographer to scale the cables to the top of the Verrazano Bridge to get a shot of the start of the New York City Marathon. She was the Marathon’s official photographer for the next 10 years, and for nearly thirty years was a major player in the world of commercial and sports photography. Jane’s work has taken her around the world: to Kenya to shoot photos of a family of Masaai Warriors; to record an international running competition in Tokyo; and to chronicle the untouched beauty of far-reaching places like Papua New Guinea and Myanmar (Burma). Her award-winning photographs have been published widely, and have been the subject of several previous books, including one based on a 50,000 mile cross-country photographic tour of rural America taken with her photographer husband, Arthur, and two Great Danes. In 2012, Jane started her Project Unconditional, a series of photos and stories about our bonds with our senior dogs, as a labor of love. Her most recent book, Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love, is based on that series. She continues to do extensive work for Getty Images. Mother to up-and-coming filmmaker Kacey, she lives with her husband, their two therapy dogs, Charlie and Sam, and a cat, Humphrey, in rural Vermont.




Gator McKinley is a Los Angeles-based musician who has been involved with senior dog rescue for well over a decade. In recent years, he has worked with LA County Animal Care as an official foster parent and as a foster, puller, and transporter for Meade Canine Rescue. Gator and his girlfriend, Patti, have recently created a nonprofit, Angels in Training Senior Dog Sanctuary, to do more for older dogs. They currently share their home with multiple senior dogs, including their most recent, Osi. Osi is officially the first to be rescued by Angels in Training.



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