True Crime Tuesdays with James T. Bartlett

7:30 p.m.

True Crime puts us at the extreme of human experience.

For better or for worse.



When attorney and criminal justice professor Pamela Everett discovered a terrible family secret, she didn’t bury it. Little Shoes is her story of a tragic triple murder of little girls in the 1930s, and the not-so-convincing trial & execution of the accused. It’s both a personal story, and a landmark case for sex crimes and the death penalty. 




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Originally from London, James Bartlett is a journalist and author of the Gourmet Ghosts guides to murder, suicide, and other mysteries from L.A.’s bars, hotels and restaurants. His next book investigates a murder in Alaska that ends with a cryptic suicide in Hollywood. He can be found @GourmetGhosts or on the shelf of the California section at the Last Bookstore.