True Crime Tuesdays with James T. Bartlett – a book club!

7:30 p.m.
TRUE CRIME TUESDAYS is a book club moderated by journalist and author James T. Bartlett (Gourmet Ghosts I, II). We will hunt down the best real-life crime stories from around the world, scratching that weird itch nothing else quite seems to reach – and maybe picking up a few tips along the way.
You can’t deny you feel the pull.
April’s case:
Absolute Madness: Serial Killer, Race, and a City Divided is Catherine Pelonero’s account of Joseph Christopher, who claimed to have murdered a staggering 18 people in 4 months.
The book is included in the price of your ticket, which you can get right here.
We’ll have the kinds of snacks and bevs one needs when talking about books: cookies, wine, etc. ( – and yes, a non-alcoholic option.)
Originally from London, James T. Bartlett is a journalist and author of the “Gourmet Ghosts” guides to murder, suicide, and other mysteries from L.A.’s bars, hotels and restaurants. His next book investigates a murder in Alaska that ends with a cryptic suicide in Hollywood. He can be found @GourmetGhosts or on the shelf of the California section at the Last Bookstore.