True Crime Tuesdays – a book club with James T. Bartlett

7:30 p.m.

For the second episode of our true crime book club, James T. Bartlett leads us through the terrifying crowd of female psychopaths in Tori Telfer’s Lady Killers. (If you missed our event with Telfer last Fall, here’s a short interview from our blog.)

This is a bewildering collection of real life murderesses of the old school variety, from Mary Ann Cotton, pre-figuring Jack the Ripper, to upper class monsters like Erzsébet Báthory and Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova, who brutalized their servants, one limb at a time. This book is like a box of blood-filled chocolates.

The book is included in the price of your ticket, which you can get right here.

Originally from London, James T. Bartlett is a journalist and author of the “Gourmet Ghosts” guides to murder, suicide, and other mysteries from L.A.’s bars, hotels and restaurants. His next book investigates a murder in Alaska that ends with a cryptic suicide in Hollywood. He can be found @GourmetGhosts or on the shelf of the California section at the Last Bookstore.