Stay Interesting – The Most Interesting Man in the World

8:oo p.m.
The Last Bookstore is pleased to present “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” Jonathan Goldsmith and his new memoir Stay Interesting. Join us for an intimate setting to learn more about the man, the myth, and the legend behind the most popular beer campaign, spanning over a decade, as well as getting to know Goldsmith and his impressive career in the entertainment industry.


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Jonathan Goldsmith has many answers to the question “What makes life interesting?” For years he was a struggling actor in New York and Los Angeles, with experiences that include competing for roles with Dustin Hoffman, getting shot by John Wayne, drinking with Tennessee Williams, and sailing the high seas with Fernando Lamas, never mind romancing many lovely ladies.
However, it wasn’t all fun and games for Jonathan. Frustrated with his career, he left Hollywood for other adventures in business and life. But then, a fascinating opportunity came his way – a chance to star in a new campaign for Dos Equis beer. A role he was sure he wasn’t right for, but he gave it a shot all the same. Which led to the role that would bring him the success that had so long eluded him – that of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”
A memoir told through a series of adventures and the lessons he’s learned and wants to pass on, Stay Interesting is a truly daring and bold tale and a manifesto about taking chances, not giving up, making courageous choices, and living a truly adventurous and always interesting life.
Widely known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” due to the wildly successful decade long Dos Equis advertising campaign, Jonathan Goldsmith has become a pop-culture icon with an image that lies somewhere between “Tony the Tiger” and the “Marlboro Man.”   However, behind the classic scenes of him freeing a grizzly bear from a trap, boating with Miss Universe, or arm wrestling Fidel Castro, Goldsmith is a prolific actor, an accomplished businessman, and a capable outdoorsman. This charming, bronzed, bearded gentleman has led his own life nearly as daringly as his on-screen alter-ego.
Born in New York City, Jonathan was raised by his mother, a model, and his father, a gym teacher. He attended both Boston University and New York University before pursuing acting classes at The Living Theater. After doing improv shows and receiving positive feedback, Jonathan was hooked. With stars in his eyes, Goldsmith moved to Los Angeles in his early 20’s to become an actor, but he found that auditions were brutal and castings were scarce.
In 2006 Goldsmith auditioned for and won the role of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” using his own personal experiences to help create the character: a cross between Ernest Hemingway, Bill Murray, Burt Reynolds, Royal Tenenbaum and Don Draper.


Jonathan harbors a passion for the outdoors, whether sailing, hiking, fishing or camping. While he has never “punched a magician” and his blood doesn’t smell like cologne like his Spanish-accented counterpart, he leads a life undeniably more interesting than most. Whether lounging on his sailboat in the So-Cal sunshine or hard at work on his career, The Most Interesting Man in the World rarely experiences an uninteresting moment!
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