Spider Season with Billy Hanson

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present the launch of Spider Season, a collection of dark stories from author Billy Hanson. Join us for some short readings and pick up a signed copy of the book before the official release!

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A man obsessed with his own death, a sleep-deprived husband, a violently jealous teenager, and a businesswoman on a lethal trip to Europe are just a few of the characters from Billy Hanson’s dark vision of the world in Spider Season. Here, danger looms within every stranger, co-worker, close friend, family member, and often within your own mind.

This debut collection explores the shadowy corners of the human psyche, where delusion, rage, and paranoia can thrive. Grim fantasy and nightmarish realities collide, monsters and men are one and the same, and daily life can suddenly turn to bloody horror.

Because when Spider Season comes around, fear is everywhere.


Billy Hanson is an author and filmmaker, with projects ranging from music videos and comics to web series and films, including Lightning Dogs on Funny or Die and the acclaimed adaptation of Stephen King’s Survivor Type, lauded as “one of the most jaw-dropping adaptations (of King) ever made…”  He has also written for the horror anthology comic, Grimm Tales of Terror and his first collection of short stories, Spider Season, will be released on October 9th, 2018. Born and raised in Maine, Billy now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.



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