POSTPONED! — Sitting in Bars with Cake


We shall do our utmost to reschedule Audrey and her dangerously aphrodisiac CAKE, but for now…. we are postponed.


The Last Bookstore is pleased to host Audrey Shulman for a complimentary cake tasting of recipes from her memoir, Sitting in Bars with Cake: Lessons & Recipes from One Year of Trying to Bake My Way to a Boyfriend. Audrey will be handing out free cake (and maybe even free stories) based on her year long adventure barhopping around town with dessert.

Let us know you’re coming. 

It’s hard to meet people in a big city, let alone any city. And after living in LA for several years as a single lady, Audrey Shulman turned to baking. But rather than eating her cakes solo over the sink, she brought them to bars, luring guys with a heady dose of butter and sugar. Sitting in Bars with Cake recounts Audrey’s year spent baking, bar-hopping, and offering slices of cake to men in the hope of finding her boyfriend (or, at the very least, a date). With 35 inventive recipes based on her interactions with guys from all walks of life, from a Sticky Maple Kiss Cake to a Bitter Chocolate Dump Cake, this charming book pairs each cake with a short essay and tongue-in-cheek lesson about picking up boys in bars.


Shulman is an avid baker and relentless hostess. Sitting in Bars with Cake is her first book, a collection of stories and recipes from her year spent baking cakes and taking them to bars in hopes of finding a boyfriend. Audrey’s blog has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Rachael Ray Show, Jezebel, The New York Post, The LA Times, and On Air With Ryan Seacrest. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Audrey lives in Los Angeles, where she can often be found eating pumpkin flavored desserts. She is a graduate of Bennington College in Vermont. You can read more about Audrey’s cakebarring adventures right here.


Please note that our store has limited capacity (a mere 300!), so get here early.

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