The Sanctuary and Other Attacks with Agustin Melendez-Eyraud

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Agustin Melendez-Eyraud and his new book The Sanctuary and other Attacks. There will be a panel discussion of the book’s themes and the latest developments in immigration issues as confirmed by Los Angeles Spanish-speaking journalists, media, and civil rights advocates. Also there will be held a cold theatrical reading of the short play The Sanctuary – don’t miss it!

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The Sanctuary and other Attacks, by Mexican journalist and playwright Agustín Meléndez-Eyraud, is a fresh-out-of-the-oven book published by the prestigious Latin American editorial and research center Escenología. The book is a compilation of seven short plays and a theatrical manifesto on immigration topics such as sanctuary cities, the Dream Act, the border wall and other relevant topics. The book made its world debut at the FeLit (Theatrical Book Fair) in Mexico City on December 2017.


Agustin is a native of the border Mexican town Mexicali in Baja California where he started writing his first plays when he was still a teenager. At age 20, he moved to Mexico City where he was granted a Drama Scholarship at the National Center for the Arts. He later emigrated to the United States where he has developed a successful career as a journalist and news producer with the Spanish-language television network Telemundo. In 2007 he won the NBC/Telemundo Telenovela and Broadband writers program at Loyola University. In 2012 he won the MetLife Nuestras Voces National Playwriting competition and his most recent achievement is a 2014 Emmy award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his outstanding production Noticiero Telemundo 52 a las 5:30 p.m.





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