READ to ME! Open Mic Night Hosted by Jenny Funkmeyer

7:00 p.m.


Calling Book Lovers! Writers, performers and readers! READ TO ME! The Last Bookstore is pleased to announce an Open Mic Book Reading hosted by author Jenny Funkmeyer.

Jenny says, “I remember my daddy reading to me when I once was a sick child. I remember reading to my babies at bed time. Those were the happiest moments of my life. Listening to the sounds and feeling the energy of a beautiful reading is one of the most pleasurable thing in life. Lover of books, please read to me! Dazzle me! Uplift me!”

You are invited to read from your own or others’ published work. The only requirement for reading is that the material has to be published. Reading Shakespeare’s monologue is great. Reading your favorite author’s book is super. Reading your own self-published book is the best!

The Open Mic begins at 7pm. If you wanna Read To Me write your name and drop it in the box that says “Name Drop!” Readers will have 5 minutes. Afterwards there is cookies and cream so we can munch and mingle standing in the most magical bookstore in the universe! Be there or be square!

Let us know you’re coming! (Note: this does not constitute a sign-up to read – it just gives us an idea of how many folks are showing up.)


Your host Jenny Funkmeyer is the author of memoirs MAGNUM OPUS Book 1: Change Is Not For The Faint-Hearted and Book 2: Love & Sex In The 5th Dimension. Download her articles from Amazon: DIY Soul Retrieval, Lucid Dreaming, Spoon Bending Psychokinesis, Natural Eye Healing and many more. Watch her videos on YouTube Funkmeyer Channel.