Peach with Wayne Barton

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Wayne Barton for the book launch of Peach, his first work of literary fiction. 

In the vein of favorites such as Nick Hornby, David Nicholls, and Rachel Joyce, Peach is a book with broad appeal to all ages. Readers who enjoy introspective narratives that focus on realistic and multi-layered characters and complex emotions will be at home with Peach

Reviewed as an “emotional chokehold of dramatic, introspective fiction,” Peach has also been described as Almost Famous meets Lost in Translation meets Before Sunset. It is an ambitious attempt at establishing mumblecore as a genuine sub-genre of literary fiction, exploring existential themes through transient connections and relationships.


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Following the untimely passing of a close friend, British songwriter and producer, Freddie Ward, arrives in Bliss, Idaho to work on a comeback album with beloved singer-songwriter, Hal Granger.

Adrift and bereft, Freddie is looking to gain a sense of perspective after a series of bad decisions—decisions that cost him his relationship and life as he knows it. However, almost as soon as Freddie arrives in Idaho, Hal drops an unexpected and devastating bombshell.

Far from the hustle and bustle of his life in England, out in the stark isolation of the northwestern U.S., with time to think, to reflect, Freddie slowly begins to rebuild his life, haunted both by the events of the recent past and his reactions to them.

Through words of wisdom from Hal and a series of meandering, existential, and profound conversations, Peach explores themes such as love, loss, loyalty, and friendship; second chances and redemption; how to make the most of your time; and, last but not least, the meaning of home.


Wayne Barton is an author and ghostwriter based in Manchester, England. He has worked with creative artists around the world and has collaborated on a variety of projects. His fiction work is critically acclaimed and his work as a non-fiction soccer author and historian has seen him described as “the leading writer on Manchester United” by the British broadsheet press. Major broadcast documentaries have been based on his work. Peach is Barton’s first work of literary fiction.

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