Orozco- Life and Death of a Mexican Revolutionary with Raymond Caballero

8:00 p.m.


The Last Bookstore will present Raymond Caballero and his book on Pascual Orozco, the most important military leader in the Mexican Revolution.

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A long-overdue biography of a significant but little-known and less understood figure of Mexican history, Orozco tells the full story of this revolutionary’s meteoric rise and ignominious descent, including the purposely obscured circumstances of his death at the hands of a lone, murderous lawman. That story—of an unknown muleteer of Northwest Chihuahua who became the revolution’s most important military leader, a national hero and idol, only to turn on his former revolutionary ally Francisco Madero—is one of the most compelling narratives of early twentieth-century Mexican history. Without Orozco’s leadership, Madero would likely never have deposed dictator Porfirio Díaz. And yet Orozco soon joined Madero’s hated assassin, the new dictator, Victoriano Huerta, and espoused progressive reforms while fighting on behalf of reactionaries.




Raymond Caballero is an independent historian. He is also the former mayor of El Paso, Texas.





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