A Moral Tale and Other Moral Tales by Josh Emmons, with Andrew Winer

7:00 p.m.


The Last Bookstore is pleased to host the book launch for A Moral Tale and Other Moral Tales, the new story collection from Josh Emmons. Join us for food, drinks and a Q&A with the author and special guest Andrew Winer.

Provocative, funny, and precisely observed, this debut collection examines the way we view sex, the environment, friendship, aging, love and honesty. A Moral Tale and Other Moral Tales presents a twist on the classic morality play, where rewards and punishments betray the classic fairy tale logic, and the greatest redemption is “to thine own self be true.” A deluded mathematician spends the night with a recent divorcee who realizes his story doesn’t add up. A cat-fearing woman leaves her husband and lands somewhere between home and the underworld. A cheating husband decides to kill his wife and falls disastrously in love with her instead. Colored by an unpredictable and entertaining cast, the stories in this collection explore everything from sublimated desire and apocalyptic despair to classical romance, thwarted idealism, and criminal passion.

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Josh Emmons has written two novels, The Loss of Leon Meed and Prescription for a Superior Existence, and a story collection, A Moral Tale and Other Moral Tales. He teaches at UC Riverside and lives in downtown Los Angeles with his daughter, Maggie.





Andrew Winer is the author of the novels The Marriage Artist and The Color Midnight Made. He also writes and speaks about art, religion, literature, and philosophy, and conducts conversations with fellow authors, most recently with Colm Toibin and Geoff Dyer. He is Chair of Creative Writing at the University of California, Riverside, and a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Fiction.  He is completing a new novel about American religion and politics, and co-authoring a book on what Nietzsche has to say to contemporary people.



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