Lessons of the Past: An Evening with a Holocaust Survivor, Part 2

6:oo p.m.

Lessons of the Past along with the American Society for Yad Vashem proudly present: An Evening with a Holocaust Survivor.

When the train pulled into Auschwitz most of the people in the cattle car were already dead. 20-year-old Joseph Alexander carefully stepped over their bodies in order to join the growing line outside. Upon exiting he was told to go to the left but when he looked around, he saw only elderly and sick people. It was 1943 and he had already spent two years in forced labor camps where he had learned to align himself with the healthiest prisoners. Waiting for the right moment he would rush to the right and squeeze himself into the other line. “The next morning I found out those other people went straight to the ovens,” he later recalled.

Please join us when Mr. Alexander tells the inspirational story of his fight to survive in Nazi occupied Poland.

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