The Last Spookstore: Lost Souls Costume Ball

8:oo p.m.

In our 100 year old building, there are fissures, doorways to other times and faraway places. We have tried to protect you, our dear guests, by obscuring these dangerous portals with a labyrinth – to keep you here – and Others out. But certain times of the year, the building groans under forces older and deeper than us. Who slips thru when we aren’t looking? Who disappears and is never seen again? These weather changes in the fabric of reality can either threaten our sanity…

or put us in a par-tay moooood !

Please join us for…

The Last Spookstore: Lost Souls Costume Ball

Come help us prove that Los Angeles is the Halloween Capital of the World (after Anoka, MN, of course)


You don’t have to RSVP, but it sure is nice to know how many of you wild things are coming.   (And what’s your costume?!) (And yes, it’s kid-friendly! As long as they like the rock-n-roll.)


– This event is a benefit for the Downtown Women’s Center, so we are asking for a suggested donation of $1 or $2 at the door (cash only, please) – you can give more, you can give nothing – but please consider supporting this amazing organization which helps displaced women get back on their feet.

– Featuring the lush soundscapes of  




        Traps PS


               Iva Dawn


– All that work you do on your Halloween costume, only to wear it once? NO! Come show off that work of art in a worthy setting – yes, this is a COSTUME PARTY!  Did you slip thru a gateway from another time?  Are you heading to a far away place?  Or maybe you just wanna put on a cape.

Seasonal boutique snackings!  A costume contest!  


PLUS, go here for ticket info for “Quarry of Lost Souls”, our limited-space, first-ever, interactive adventure mystery game thing!  (if you think you’re book-nerd enough to handle it)