Karma Shifts with Charles Rivers

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Charles Rivers and his new book Karma Shifts.
The author’s goal as a karma life coach is to help you reimagine your life, and let go of the thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that you can emerge renewed and fulfilled. Most people have the innate ability to change their future in an instant with a karma shift. If you understand first where you come from, then successfully getting where you want to go is usually just a mindset-change away. In this book, the author guides the reader through the ten stages of life that trigger massive personal achievement and relationship success:
*Activating Your Inner Peace
*Understanding Who You Believe You Are
*Understanding What You Grew Through Negatively
*Understanding What You Grew Through Positively
*Karma Chooses You a Life Mate to Heal Your Childhood Pains
*The Karma Chemistry to Falling in Love
*Love Problems Arise to Heal the Body
*Taking Charge of Your Mind
*Finding Peace with Your Spirit
*Teaching Others Your Peace


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Karma Shifts teaches you life-changing success strategies. Since your life is a product of your thoughts, to be a world-class success, you must first change what you believe. Learn how to change your mind and your luck in life in less than twenty-four hours with Karma Shifts. Charles Rivers has proven through his books, audio recordings, seminars, and radio show that you can get anything you want—or you can be left wanting what others get easily, if you don’t change a negative mindset.




Charles Rivers is a relationship/life coach who has spent over two decades in his chosen field helping people overcome life issues that hold their forward growth and positive Karma in abeyance








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