Joanna Rose

8:00 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to feature Spectrum Records’ own Electro Funk artist Joanna Rose.
Bringing you an intimate side of 80’s Modern Soul and a special selection of her new EP with Ghost: Snapshot.
Join us this Thursday, during the DTLA Art Walk, for the perfect alchemy of synths, turntablism, and salty vocals.

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Snapshot EP

The overload of the 80’s, a new digital utopia of media, sports, video games, film, music and shopping…the ultimate fantasy environment for anyone seeking enjoyment, convenience, distraction or stimulation, and for those ultimately watering the seeds of success or hedonism.

Electro bass, iconic synths and digital-funk rhythms were at the core of almost every medium, providing a bedding and soundtrack to everyday life via movie scenes, basketball highlights, freeze frames, video game themes, drum machine tv-promo jingles, etc.

As opposed to finding a reel-to-reel of lost themes from a canned summer blockbuster in the back of a studio, Ghost instead funneled his favorite onslaught of 80s cinematic-funk into the creation of Snapshot, the debut EP from this Parisian-bred and Los Angeles-based producer and Spectrum Records founder.

“Stay Awhile” is 80s power: squared-off suits, huge drums, and funky electro bass with amphitheater diva-soul vocals from Joanna Rose and a dynamic keyboard lead from XL Middleton that could fit any night club scene from Miami Vice.

“Number One Fly High” is drum machine-forward promo funk, stuck somewhere in between levels or perhaps part of an uplifting montage that serves only to represent joy and excitement.

“Ça Ç’est Paris”, an homage to Ghost’s native city, is essentially the performance piece of an obscure bit of French Cinema, on the brink of everything current, urban and hip, however still capsulated in 1985.

“Showtime 87” ensures the season-passes are still intact, as a b-ball redemption theme for a dynasty team shuffling talent, ego, and lifestyles, and now working their way to the top… perhaps beyond it (loosely based on the ’87 Lakers, with a shout to Ghost’s current home in Los Angeles). The EP comes to its conclusion with

“The Discovery Pt. 2”, a dubby drum machine, synth and bass workout to accompany only the most iconic sequences of action.



Joanna Rose
L.A. born singer and songwriter Joanna Rose has shaped her sound with the soundtrack of her roots: Motown, Funk, Soul, Salsa and Jazz. Music has taken Rose from the stages of Europe back to the heart and cultural vibrancy of her hometown. Rose’s most recent work includes collaborations with Modern Funk artists such as the Egyptian Lover, Spence (Austin Boogie Crew), Nickee B, and Ghost (Spectrum Records).