Heartlines – Poetry Reading With Marley Korzen

7:30 p.m.


The Last Bookstore is pleased to present author and creative writing leader Marley Korzen and her new book of poetry. Join us for an evening of lyrical wisdom as she reads passages from her book that dismantles the mis-represented feminine and shares a vibrant tribute to the infinite creative power of women.

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In a lyrical voice that reminds one of every woman’s wild spirit Heartlines is a journey of soul searching. It is a guide of burning, healing, and rebirth. A spiritual pilgrimage of letting go of our false reality and turning inward for answers. With dazzling illustrations that pirouette over the pages, this book won’t leave your hands as it reveals the strength and courage in every human’s soul.


Marley Korzen has been writing ever since she knew stories existed. Her work has been featured in various literary journals, including Brown University’s The Round and Dartmouth University’s Lifelines. She grew up half of her life in Los Angeles, and the other in various cities in California. She currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA.