I AM. Happy. Healthy. Free. with Erica Ormsby

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Erica Ormsby and her new book, I Am. Happy. Healthy. Free: How to Become the Person Who Lives Your Dreams. Join us in learning why powerlessness is an illusion and the art and science of stepping into our greatest potential now.

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I AM: Happy, Healthy, Free is a realization. A declaration. A stake in the ground. A final decision. A state of being. A way of life. It is the discovery of our deepest truths. It is a knowing. It is an end to the war within. It is a bold self love and responsibility backed by the soundest of reason. It is a necessary paradigm shift to usher in your true nature and discover how powerful you actually are. It is a place where brokenness, “less than” and fear fall away. It is the radical acceptance of the real you so you live the life you dream of.  

It is my desire to share with you what I have found that works for me so that you might find the same or expand on what you have already discovered. Here’s to the kind of success that moves mountains.


Erica Ormsby is a life-lover, inspirational speaker, thought-leader, international best-selling author and entrepreneur. Her highly engaging and intuitive communication style has platformed her groundbreaking Transformational Business coaching, helping thousands of people over the last two decades by strategically inspiring possibility and personal power through the integration of ancient wisdom, leading edge science and courageous life experience.


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