We’re All Gonna Die! Dystopian Book Club with Peter Clines

7:30 p.m.

Oh so many fun ways the world could end or be remade into a horrific shape!

We prepare for those exciting futures with this dystopian book club, where we read a variety of dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels, everything from zombies to really, really bad ideas for governance to technology run amok.



National Book Award finalist Station Eleven, from Emily St. John Mandel, follows a band of traveling performers as they travel through a shattered, post-pandemic landscape.





All book clubs require a ticket, and include the book, snacks/bevs, and a dedicated moderator – to keep the discussion on track! All clubs meet at The Last Bookstore.

You can get your ticket (which includes us shipping the book to you!) right here at this link – OR just come in to the store and look for our book club display (near the book tunnel).

If you choose the on-line option (the one with shipping), please send a mailing addy to larkin.lastbookstore@gmail.com


PETER CLINES is a generations-back New Englander (we’re talking tall hats and buckled shoes and half-the-population-dies-every-winter generations-back) who broke with tradition and moved to Southern California.

After more than thirty years of writing, fifteen years in the film industry, and six years of writing about writing for the film industry, plus getting several short stories and a novel or ten published (one of which–Paradox Bound–hit the NYT Bestseller list), he feels he has some experience and useful advice to offer.

Your thoughts on this may vary…