Feminist Book Club with Julia Callahan

7:30 p.m.

The Feminist Book Club, led by Julia Callahan of Rare Bird Books, reads an intersectional variety of feminist lit, from memoirs to fiction to everything in between.



For August, we look at Sick: A Memoir from Porochista Khakpour. This is the story of her long, on-going battle with late-stage chronic Lyme disease and the doctors who tend to dismiss her illness because she’s a woman. Through that fight, and a wave of complications, she publishes, teaches, and continues to make what is sure to be a permanent mark on the literary world. 





All book clubs require a ticket, and include the book, snacks/bevs, and a dedicated moderator – to keep the discussion on track! All clubs meet at The Last Bookstore.

You can get your ticket (we’ll ship the book to you!) at this link right here – OR just come in to the store and look for our book club display (near the book tunnel).

If you choose the on-line option (the one with shipping), please send a mailing addy to larkin.lastbookstore@gmail.com


Julia Callahan has a BA in English Literature and European History from UC Santa Cruz. She started her publishing career in the Book Soup annex at age twenty-two. She worked her way through the ranks to become the Assistant Director of Marketing. In 2010, she left Book Soup for Rare Bird Books—a downtown L.A.-based publishing and literary publicity company—where she is the Director of Sales and Marketing, an acquiring editor, and does anything else that needs doing.