Cole Withers’ debut album “The Last Bookstore” release!

7:00 p.m.

The decision to name the album “The Last Bookstore” is the band’s homage to a dying institution. “Iconic bookstores, large and small from coast to coast throughout my life, are where I connected with both living and published artists, and it’s where I fell in love with literature. Independent bookstores are a dying institution that feeds imagination and creativity, their slow demise is irreplaceable for artists. Touring the album this summer, venues will include independent bookstores wherever possible to punctuate this message- Cole Withers

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“Cole Withers is a roaring mountain wind that settles in your soul with a gentle breeze.”
DJ James Gautier Kill Radio Los Angeles

“Haunting and moving lyrics evoke nostalgia for the grit where remorse and regret combine with all that is fine”.
Holly Parsons IDY TC

“An exceptional talent with provocative lyrics.”
Michael Gustin MTG Studios


Withers, born in New York City, emerged as a writer early in life. Educated in the arts, his poetry and songs are inspired by a life deeply lived. Development of his voice came later and almost by accident, if any such thing exists. Withers’ voice majestically resounds with pain and poignant phrasing creating a visceral response reminiscent of Van Morrison.