THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD with Paul Tremblay and Mallory O’Meara & Brea Grant of Reading Glasses Podcast

6:00 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is thrilled to host acclaimed author Paul Tremblay in conversation with Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara of Reading Glasses podcast.

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Seven-year-old Wen and her parents, Eric and Andrew, are vacationing at a remote cottage on a quiet New Hampshire lake. Their nearest neighbors are more than two miles away in either direction along a dirt road.

Early one afternoon, Wen is outside catching grasshoppers when she is approached by an odd, but seemingly friendly man named Leonard. Leonard sits down next to the girl and inexplicably apologizes to her, telling her that what is going to happen isn’t her fault, nor her family’s, but that they will all need to make some difficult decisions in due time. Leonard says he wishes it didn’t have to be this way.

Suddenly, Wen sees three more people coming down the road holding blunt weapons. She runs inside the house to warn her parents, who barricade the doors and threaten to call the authorities. But the four strangers force their way inside.

What do these intruders want? And perhaps worse, what do they intend to do? According to Leonard, they are there to save the world. The four claim to be united by a sacred command imparted to them in a shared vision: they are destined to either initiate or prevent the apocalypse — and the latter can happen only with Eric’s, Andrew’s, and Wen’s help. The family must willingly sacrifice one of their own in order to prevent the end of the world. If they fail to choose, the three of them will live to witness the end of humanity and be left to wander the devastated planet alone.



Paul Tremblay has won the Bram Stoker, British Fantasy, and Massachusetts Book awards and is the author of Disappearance at Devil’s Rock, A Head Full of Ghosts, and the crime novels The Little Sleep (2009) and No Sleep Till Wonderland (2010), published by Henry Holt. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the Shirley Jackson Awards, and his essays and short fiction have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly.com, and numerous “year’s best” anthologies. He has a master’s degree in mathematics and lives outside Boston with his wife and two children.