Burn Black Zine/Tenderspeck Reading and Workshop: Healing Through Words and Art

7:30 p.m.

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Rory Britt of Burn Black Zine and Elly Dallas of Tenderspeck + friends! They will be reading from the brand new issue of Burn Black #6 and hosting a workshop on healing through words and the arts. Participants are encouraged to bring in old journals and pieces of writing to discuss how we turn trauma into triumph via art.


At over 150 half-pages (and 6 different covers!), The Love Issue features over 10 essays on Love, plus interviews with podcasters, columns, pivots and contributions from over 30 people we Love.

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In the Sping of 2010, Burn Black founder, Rory “Bee” Britt’s close friend Melissa Lynn Williams passed away suddenly at the age of 23. Melissa, a self proclaimed healer and visual artist captured people’s hearts and minds by allowing their trauma to be released in her presence.

Burn Black was then created in her spirit as a space not only for her artwork to live on but her memory as well. Each issue contained a collection of raw and powerful stories from people all over the world on how they turned trauma or tragedies into personal triumphs or life lessons. Part personal essays connecting people, part fanzine, part pop culture Burn Black became a unique- part fanzine- part community- part mission. It was coined, “a zine with a heart.”

Burn Black eventually branched out and started a small distro mainly focusing on kitchy stuff and perzines or zines dealing with radical politics, punk, mental illness, loss, and self care mainly from femme writers across the nation. Burn Black‘s second project was putting out the perzine, ‘sucker!’ in April of 2016. They are currently working on putting out a second perzine, ‘tart!’ and a podcast which should be out in 2017.

Burn Black #6 The Love Issue will focus on interviews with podcasters, essays on love, and as always the same great columns including ‘Let it Bee’ by our awesome founder! This is officially out on April 1, 2017.


Elly Dallas is an Ohio based illustrator and zinester who publishes under the name Tenderspeck. She has been featured in Razorcake, Burn Black, and several other publications and leads also zine making workshops.

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