Jerry Stahl & Marc Maron read from the newest books!

When: Back to Calendar » November 8, 2013 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Last Bookstore is excited to present Jerry Stahl and Marc Maron reading from their new books on November 8th.

Jerry Stahl, acclaimed author of such titles as I, Fatty, Permanent Midnight and Perv — A Love Story will be reading from his newest book, Happy Mutant Baby Pills (HarperCollins).

From HarperCollins:

Lloyd is a hack writer who makes a living writing marketing copy for pharmaceuticals. It’s his job to list the ominous, sometimes-hilarious-sounding “side effects” for prescription ads on tv. He has a troublesome, if somehow manageable, drug habit himself. And he moonlights explaining concepts like “shrimping” and “Adult Babies” to the hit tv show “CSI Vegas.” He finds a unique conduit for all of his interests when he meets Nora, a mysterious and troubled young woman with a very personal take on environmental activism. As in any great love story, the two fall in love. But love in the hands of Jerry Stahl is never simple—and in this case, leads to a truly shocking, small-scale act of eco-terrorism.
Gleefully written, HAPPY MUTANT BABY PILLS will delight, disquiet, and appall—and prove, once again, that Stahl is “a better-than-Burroughs virtuoso” (The New Yorker).


Marc Maron is a comedian and host of the renowned WTF with Marc Maron podcast. He will be reading from his book, Attempting Normal (Spiegel & Grau).


From Spiegel & Grau:

 Attempting Normal is Marc Maron’s journey through the wilderness of his own mind, a collection of explosively, painfully, addictively funny stories that add up to a moving tale of hope and hopelessness, of failing, flailing, and finding a way. From standup to television to his outrageously popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, Marc has always been a genuine original, a disarmingly honest, intensely smart, brutally open comic who finds wisdom in the strangest places. This is his story of the winding, potholed road from madness and obsession and failure to something like normal, the thrillingly comic journey of a sympathetic f***up who’s trying really hard to do better without making a bigger mess. Most of us will relate.

Please join us for a great night!