Curbside Splendor Publishing presents: James Greer, Franki Elliot, & Chris Terry

When: Back to Calendar » January 17, 2014 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Friday, January 17th, 7:30pm:

The Last Bookstore is pleased to welcome James Greer, Franki Elliot, and Chris Terry to read from their latest works.

James Greer is the former bassist of Guided by Voices and is currently a member of Détective. He will be reading from his new short story collection, Everything Flows. This collection is Greer’s first of short fiction, and it includes collages by Robert Pollard, the lead singer of Guided by Voices. From Publishers Weekly’s starred review: “Every word matters, even the wildest stories scarcely seeming as though they could be otherwise. Usually this sort of free-associative reverie is called ‘strange’ or ‘playful,’ but Greer’s lyrical erudition is both serious work and seriously fun. Halfway between the mind of God and a vivid dream, Everything Flows is proof that there remain new places to go, both on paper and in the known universe.”

Greer is joined by fellow Curbside Splendor authors Franki Elliot & Chris Terry. Elliot recently published Kiss as Many Women as You Can, a collection of “typewriter stories” in collaboration with Shawn Stucky, who provided the paintings for the book.

Terry’s debut novel, Zero Fade, follows its protagonist as he deals with ”wack hair-cuts, bullies, last-year fly gear, his uncle Paul coming out as gay, and being grounded.” It also appears on multiple year-end best of lists for 2013.